Foreign PBN Creation

foreign pbn creation service

When you are the owner of your PBN, you can get linked to any website you want, use any anchor text of your choice, place links wherever you want and use any niche that suits you best. It does not matter whether you are an SEO specialist or an SEO agency; owning a PBN is a must have for anybody who wants to increase rankings in the search engines and diversify his backlink portfolio.

If you are in a local market, the best link you can imagine would be a link from a website with good metrics, local TLD and niche relevant content in local language. Such backlink is worth hundreds of low quality backlinks. If you do not want to spend your time on low quality backlinks and would rather choose high quality local links, local PBN is the best choice for you.

You can now forget all the problems associated with creating foreign PBN because we offer you our new service – Foreign PBN creation. With more than 3000 PBNs created, we have enough experience to create professional local PBN that will skyrocket your rankings.

feat3After the payment, we will prepare the list of domains for your PBN and send it to you. You will be able to check and approve or reject them. After that, we will start building your PBN.

  • Niche Relevancy. Please note that due to the complexity of finding foreign domains, we will try to find a domain name as close to your niche as possible; however, we cannot guarantee full niche relevancy.
  • Hosting. Hosting is optional. If you want us to provide you with hosting accounts, choose the second option from the dropdown list.
  • Other TLD. If you want us to create your PBN in other TLD, feel free to contact us for more information.
  • TAT: With .DE domains TAT time will be higher than usual because DENIC (German registrar) has very strict nameserver requirements and we will need to spend more time to meet DENIC requirements. TAT can also increase if registrar will require document verification from our side.

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