If you are working in the SEO industry, you surely know that the niche-relevant PBN is one of the most effective link building methods nowadays. If you have a PBN, you have the power to link to any page and use any anchor text. It gives you a superior power to rank any of your websites.

Building a PBN takes a lot of time and patience. you will need to find domains that are relevant to your niche, make sure that domains have solid metrics, clean history, a balanced portfolio of backlinks and only then go for the actual building of the PBN. Here is where the problems begin…

You are expected from this point to find good hosting, make the necessary DNS configurations, change WHO.IS. Then, you need to install CMS, selects unique theme, customize it, use .htaccess or a special plugin to block unwanted bots, all before you can even begin to write your content and post it… All of this will take hours and hours of work… If you are a busy person and do not want to waster your time on doing all of this,


We offer a wide range of PBN building and rental services and you can find more information here:


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